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Traveler is an easy to use program designed for travelers who want to maintain records of their trips and travels be it a short one-day trip or an extended journey lasting many days. Miles, fuel costs, and other expenses incurred can be recorded with ease. If you’re being paid a mileage rate for your travels you will find that the built-in expense report will come in handy saving a lot of extra typing and other forms to complete. Expenses covered include rental car, fuel, meals, parking, telephone, repairs, towing, hotel/motel charges and other miscellaneous expenses. Reports can be generated with just the click of your mouse. The informative Trip Report includes a history of all your trips and there’s no limit to the number of trips you can record.

A bloody, gruesome and relentless thriller, THE TRAVELER stars Val Kilmer as a mysterious stranger whose past threatens to haunt the lives of six unsuspecting sheriff’s deputies. The moment he arrives in their small town police station confessing to multiple murders, their lives are forever changed. From the first scene to the shocking conclusion, horror fans will get more than their fair share of torture and bloodshed

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play. Embark on an epic journey across the vast and wondrous world of Orsterra and discover the captivating stories of each of the eight travelers.

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When it comes to travelling at 35,000 feet, it’s often the simple things that can make a big difference. A soft blanket to make you feel warm and cosy, noise-cancelling headphones to drown out a crying baby, your favourite snack to give you a mood boost, a face mask that’s actually comfortable. As frequent fliers ourselves, we know the power that a genius travel gadget or indulgent cream can make on your journey. To help you prepare for your next trip, we asked our team to share the one essential item they won’t fly without.

‘I always make sure I have a couple of beauty products in my handbag when flying. My favourites at the moment are the multipurpose Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which is great for preventing chapped lips, and the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream from Clarins. For an intensive moisturiser, I love the Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24K Gold and SPF25 by Forest Essentials. And if I’m going straight to meetings from the airport, I always make sure I have a travel-sized dry shampoo to give my hair a little lift.’ Divia Thani, global editorial director

If you take frequent trips across the country or around the world, you are a traveler. Take a plane to Mexico, and all the other passengers are travelers, just like you.

Some people travel often, for work or fun, and they are travelers. Even if you’re leaving your hometown for the very first time, you’re considered a traveler while you are traveling. The trick to this word is that it sounds like it should have two Ls (and in Canada and the U.K., it’s spelled traveller), but in the U.S. there’s only one.

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The Traveller system uses two six-sided dice to resolve most
actions. Some situations involve fewer or more dice. Accordingly,
a quick discussion of various terminology and conventions is
needed before proceeding.
1d6/2d6: 1d6/2d6: To avoid writing ‘roll two six-sided dice and add them
together’ over and over again, Traveller uses the abbreviation ‘roll
2d6’. Where you see ‘roll 2d6’ read ‘roll two six-sided dice and add
them together’. Sometimes you may also see ‘1d6’, ‘3d6’ or other
numbers of ‘d6’. This simply means roll one six-sided die, three sixsided dice, or however many six-sided dice are indicated, and add
them together to gain the fi nal result.
d66: This is shorthand for a special way of rolling two six-sided
dice. Before rolling nominate one die as the ‘tens’ die and one as
the ‘units’ die, to give you a two-digit number between 11 and 66.
Some numbers cannot be rolled on a d66, giving you a total of
36 possible outcomes.
Check (or Throw): Check (or Throw): To determine if a character succeeds or fails at a
particular task, the player must make a check. To make a check, the
player rolls 2d6 and adds any appropriate Dice Modifiers (such as a
skill his character possesses, or a bonus from a piece of equipment).
If the total is equal to or greater than the target number for that
check, he succeeds. A check will usually have a skill or characteristic
associated with it. For example, a check of ‘Dex 8+’ means ‘roll 2d6,
add your Dexterity Characteristic Modifier, and you succeed if you
have a total result of 8 or more’.
Target Numbers: Target Numbers: In many checks, the player needs to roll equal to
or above a specifi c number (usually, eight or more). This is denoted
by a number followed by a plus, such as 8+ or 10+.
Natural 2/Natural 12: Natural 2/Natural 12: Some rolls refer to a ‘natural’ number – this is
the actual number rolled on the dice before any modifiers are applied.
Dice Modifi er (abbreviated to DM): Dice Modifi er (abbreviated to DM): A number to be applied to a die
roll before it is used. Dice Modifiers are preceded by a sign, which
indicates if the number is to be added to or subtracted from the
roll. For example, a Dice Modifier of –2 indicates that two is to be
subtracted from the roll; a Die Modifi er of +4 indicates that four is
to be added to the roll.
Three players (Chris, Tom, and Claire) are playing Traveller. Their
characters are, respectively: Morn, a thuggish ex-barbarian; Erik, a
spy and agent, and Kathya, a pilot and technician. They’re currently
aboard their ship, a Free Trader. In-character speech is denoted by
Referee: Anyway, you’ve just jumped to the Cogri system. You’re
about two million kilometres out –
Chris (Morn): ‘Accurate’ as usual, Kathya! Only twice as far away as
we should be.
Claire (Kathya): The longer it takes us to get to the starport, the
longer it is before you get us into trouble.
Referee: Ahem. As I was saying, you’re about two million k out, and
you’re picking up a distress call.
Tom: My character will put the distress call on the screen.
Referee: It’s audio only. ‘This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone…
mayday, mayday, we are under attack… main drive is gone…turret
number one not responding … mayday…’
Claire: How close is the Beowulf?
Referee: No navigational transponder showing… give me a Sensors
check, please.
Claire: I rolled a 9, plus Dice Modifi ers gives me a 12.
Referee: You’re picking up one ship about 80,000k away. Minimal
heat, no power, looks dead in space.
Tom: No power? Then where’s the transmission coming from?
Referee: Er, minimal power then. Power plant’s down. The distress
call continues ‘Mayday… losing cabin pressure fast…calling anyone…
please help…’, then starts repeating itself.
Claire: Life signs?
Referee: Not at this range.
Claire: But I rolled a 12…
Tom: Any sign of the attackers?
Referee: Nope.
Tom (Erik): Something isn’t right here. Either the Beowulf was hit
a long time ago, in which case someone else should have checked
out the call before us, ‘cos we’re not that far from the planet… or
she was only hit a short time ago, and the attacker’s still nearby.
Nothing on the scope at all?
Referee: You’re in open space. Unless they’re hiding behind a speck
of space dust…
Claire (Kathya): Nothing. They could have really good stealth
Chris: Or be hiding on the wreck of the Beowulf…
Tom: If it was an internal problem like hijackers, he wouldn’t have
mentioned the turret being hit.
Tom (Erik): We’ve still got to investigate. There could be survivors.
Morn, get to the turret and power up the guns. Kathya, bring us in.
I’ll get my vacc suit on and get ready to board.
Referee: As you approach the ship, you see the unmistakable scars
of laser hits, er, scarring the hull. One of the airlocks has been blown
Tom (Erik): Looks like she’s been boarded. I’ll jump across. Don’t
dock – if there are bad guys still over there, then the last thing we
want is them walking on board our ship.
Claire: Life signs?
Referee: Faint traces of three. Could be three people in low berth
freezer-tubes, or three people in hibernation…or three recentlydeceased corpses that’re still cooling. Tom, you go through the front
airlock and push off, drifting for several seconds before bouncing
off the hull of the other ship. Your magnetic boots catch on, and
you can walk over the skin of the ship towards the airlock, gingerly
stepping over the areas melted by the lasers.
Tom: Do I need a Vacc Suit check or a Zero-G check or anything?
Referee: Er…do you have both skills.

Tom: Well, Zero-G level zero, so technically yes.
Referee: Nah, you don’t need a check. You make it across fi ne.
Tom: We’ll keep communications channels open, and I’ll feed my
suit’s cameras back to the others so they can see what I see.
Referee: Sure. Are you going into the airlock?
Chris (Morn): *bzzt* I’ll cover you with the laser turret.
Tom: Where ‘cover’ is a synonym for ‘burn me to a crisp if you fire
that thing anywhere near me when I’m only wearing a vacc suit. It’s
like covering me with a nuclear missile.
Chris: I’d call that pretty damn covered.
Referee: You step through the airlock, into the darkened corridors
of the Beowulf. Air’s gone…no artifi cial gravity… The beam from
your suit’s torch cuts through the air, illuminating droplets of blood
floating like little worlds. Give me a Recon roll, please.
Tom: Rolled a…6. Failed, unless it’s an unusually easy one.
Referee: It’s not. The cargo bay’s splattered with blood, but all the
cargo appears to still be intact, although it’s hard to tell with all the
crates drifting around. It looks like the upper deck might still have
pressure – the stairwells automatically iris shut if this lower deck is
Tom: I’ll go up and knock, I guess.
Referee: You tap your gauntlet against the metal… and there’s
an answering knock from above. You catch a glimpse of some
movement behind you… and suddenly, the sensor feed from Erik’s
suit goes out!
Claire (Kathya): Erik! Can you read me? Erik! Erik? Erik?

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