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SecureX was developed in Visual C++ 6.0 but with the source code at hand it ports seamlessly to .NET. What you will find in the download is SecureX.h, the API header file. You can open this file and peruse its functions, which cover all of the bases of digital security: 1. Private Key Crypto-systems: 1.1 DES: (a) Single, Double and Triple length DES; (b) Single length generate and verify MAC (Message Authentication Code); (c) Single, Double and Triple length One Way Function (OWF); (d) DES key check and correct key parity; (e) DES check for weak key. 1.2 AES: (a) Encrypt in ECB (Electronic Code Book) and CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) modes; (b) Decrypt in ECB and CBC modes; (c) Encrypt and Decrypt with counter and ICV. 2. Public Key Crypto-system: 2.1 RSA: (a) Static RSA key length of 1.25 Kbits (current recommendation is for 1.0 Kbits minimum); (b) RSA public/secret key generation using fast prime number analysis and (as it can be time consuming) state feedback via callback function (refer SecureX.h for more); (c) RSA Sign/Unsign of 1.25 Kbits; (d) Verify integrity of RSA key. 3. Hashing: 3.1 SHA4: (a) 384 and 512 bit hash support; (b) Calculate SHA4 over a file; 4. Miscellaneous Cryptographic Support Functions: 4.1 MSec timer support (set, get, get_clock). 4.2Get password strength as a percentile (see SecureX.h). 4.3 Classify password (very weak, weak, good, etc. again refer SecureX.h). 4.4 Convert binary to ASCII hexadecimal string and reverse. 4.5 Calculate LRC 8-bit. 4.5 Fill an array with Fibonacci numbers (useful for data padding). 4.6 Destroy sensitive matter in memory with quadruple overwrite including bit-flip. 4.7 Strong data scrambling functions which use a 64-bit key. Can be used in place of sending your padding and other static data in the clear.


Note that this is a source code/optional DLL package. It does not as such have an executable file that can be run.

SecureX turns security from a blocker into an enabler.

Cisco SecureX is the broadest, most integrated security platform that connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and the customer’s infrastructure for a consistent experience.

How to integrate cisco secure x with other cisco. Security platforms plastered party how to maximize value of the platform the building real use cases transform how your sorc.

Achieve simplicity, visibility, and efficiency by removing bottlenecks that slow down your teams’ access to answers and actions. SecureX includes XDR capabilities and beyond with every Cisco Secure product.

Automate routine tasks using prebuilt workflows that align to common use cases. Or build your own workflows with our low- to no-code, drag-and-drop canvas.

Accelerate threat investigations and incident management by aggregating and correlating global intelligence and local context in one view.

Get a comprehensive device inventory with the contextual awareness needed to identify gaps in coverage and simplify security investigation.

Use the dashboard ribbon for quick access to SecureX features. Single sign-on helps you share and maintain context around incidents in one location.

While SecureX has XDR capabilities, it goes beyond XDR, offering better technology integration and broader use cases to advance your security maturity and give you immediate value.

Stop threats—before they cause compromise—with powerful detection and response capabilities.

Enable behavioral detection with visibility across the network and cloud.

Get cloud security that delivers industry-leading visibility and threat protection.

In security, attackers aren’t customers only concern. You’re racing against time to keep up with business needs. Your teams are overwhelmed with a slew of disconnected vendors and products. It’s getting harder to focus on the initiatives to support growing the business.

Offers built-in, pre-packaged, or custom integrations for both a connected back-end architecture and consistent front-end experience.

A ribbon that never leaves you and a secure, single sign-on help you to share and maintain the context around incidents in one location when navigating consoles.

A customisable dashboard includes operational metrics, visibility into emerging threats, and access to new products in just one click.

To confidently tackle these challenges, you need a platform approach to security. And that’s why every Cisco Secure customer is entitled to a simpler experience with SecureX.

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within our portfolio and connected to your infrastructure. It is integrated and open for simplicity, unified in one location for visibility, and maximizes operational efficiency to secure your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

A connected backend architecture translates into a consistent frontend experience. The ribbon and a secure, single sign-on enables you to share and maintain context around incidents in one location when navigating consoles. The customizable dashboard allows you to see what matters to you including operational metrics, visibility into emerging threats, and access to new products in one click. The threat response application accelerates threat investigations and incident management by aggregating and correlating global intelligence and local context in one view. Our orchestration drag-drop canvas allows you to build your own workflow with no/low code, eliminating friction in your processes while automating routine tasks. And device insights provides you with the comprehensive device inventory with contextual awareness needed to identify gaps in coverage and simplify security investigations.

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure. It allows you to radically reduce dwell time and human-powered tasks. Achieve simplicity, visibility, and efficiency by removing bottlenecks that slow down your teams’ access to answers and actions. SecureX includes XDR capabilities and beyond with every Cisco Secure product. Get an integrated and open platform that simplifies your existing ecosystem and works with third-party solutions. Experience unified visibility with a customizable dashboard and maintain context around incidents with a consistent ribbon that never leaves you. Accelerate threat investigations and incident management by aggregating and correlating global intelligence and local context in one view. Automate routine tasks using prebuilt workflows that align to common use cases. Or build your own workflows with our no-to-low code, drag-and-drop canvas.

In 2020, Avigilon have combined Radio and Video together in a platform which delivers comprehensive, complete, and reliable surveillance solutions for users. During this luncheon, we would like to showcase Avigilon’s advanced solutions that go beyond technical excellence to offer you real value through delivering better business outcomes.

SQX on and on bringing you the most technology advanced, compatible, and affordable smart security solutions, to add values to your business performances.  SQX upcoming Online Solution Day Q4 2021 will introduce to you a very high performance video wall controller and video display system.

Securex is the biggest business event for the security industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Impressive in terms of its size and the variety of products presented on fair trade is deliver by a wide range of companies and assortment. This is where security market leaders as well as internationally recognizable companies present their offers which consist of innovative solutions for facility security, software and systems which are useful in security processes of particular branches. The programme of the Securex International Security Fair equal the security trade challenges and fill different needs of exhibitors and large number visitors

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within our Cisco Secure portfolio and connected to your infrastructure, which is integrated and open for simplicity, combines multiple otherwise disparate sensor and detection technologies into one unified location for visibility, and provides automation and orchestration capabilities to maximize operational efficiency, all to secure your network, users and endpoints, cloud edge, and applications.

very Cisco Secure customer is entitled to Cisco SecureX, without a separate license. In other words, SecureX is included at no additional charge with purchase of any SecureX-capable product.

The SecureX ribbon is a transport framework for functionality: it allows you to take the capabilities of SecureX and integrated products with you when you pivot to any other product console. It helps share and maintain context, provides unified experiences, with broad response capabilities.

The ribbon apps – casebook, incidents, and Orbital – are brokered by SecureX and provided by SecureX and other products.

SecureX threat response is a core platform application that aggregates and correlates global intelligence and local context across Cisco Secure and third-party technologies, in one view.

SecureX orchestration with pre-built workflows aligned to common use cases and a no/low-code, drag-drop canvas to build your own workflows to eliminate friction in your processes and automate routine tasks

SecureX device insights provides comprehensive endpoint inventory in a single unified view. Endpoint searching and reporting allows you to assess device security configuration on employee-owned, contractor-owned, company owned, and IoT/OT devices—without risking business disruption.

With so many definitions and acronyms related to threat detection, it’s important to fully understand what each term means and then determine if that type of solution is robust enough to offer the level of security your organization needs.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the complexity — but we’re here to help!

The Extended Detection and Response (XDR) For Dummies eBook explores the various types of threat detection and provides considerations for using a comprehensive platform approach to XDR that provides a significantly stronger level of protection while simplifying the experience for your security team. Cisco shares how our innovative XDR approach is based on the integrated platform of SecureX.

As the largest enterprise cybersecurity company in the world, we lead the way with solutions that are redefining simplicity. Integrating it all is Cisco SecureX, our security platform that provides simplicity, visibility, and efficiency across your security infrastructure.

We’re also driven to deliver security that addresses your financial requirements while offering incredible value with what you have! That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform an unbiased analysis of the economic impact of our cloud native built-in platform experience.

The SecureX dashboard is the first page users see upon logging in. It gives one view across your security infrastructure for unified visibility and aggregated, actionable intelligence across your security environment.

SecureX sign-on with Duo-protected multi-factor authentication allows you to access all of your Cisco Secure products with one set of credentials, from any device, anywhere. It provides secure and resilient identity that meets the highest industry standards including FedRAMP, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

SecureX has built-in integrations with Cisco Secure products, and integrates with third-party solutions through built-in, pre-packaged, or custom integrations for a connected backend architecture and consistent frontend experience.



  • Radically reduce the dwell time and human-powered tasks involved with detecting, investigating, and remediating threats to counter attacks or securing access and managing policy to stay compliant – make faster decisions with less overhead and better precision with less error.
  • Enable time savings and better collaboration involved with orchestrating and automating security across SecOps, ITOps, and NetOps teams, which helps advance your security maturity level using your existing resources and realizes more desired outcomes with measured, meaningful metrics.
  •  Speed time-to-value and reduce costs with real benefits in 15 minutes – even if you start small with a single product and grow as your needs dictate over time to consolidate security vendors without compromising security efficacy.
  •  Reduce the dwell time of threats involved with countering attacks and staying compliant
  •  Enable faster decisions with less overhead and better precision with less error
  •  Deliver time savings and better collaboration by automating security across SecOps, ITOps, and NetOps teams
  •  Realize more desired outcomes with measured, meaningful metrics
  •  Speed time-to-value and reduce costs as you invest in more Cisco Secure products
  •  Consolidate information from multiple device managers, endpoint detection and response tools, and other endpoint security products and then bring the details they provide into a unified view within SecureX.
  • Architecture has complexity due to lack of orchestration between technologies across multiple vendors
  •  Context is hidden in multiple consoles with conflicting alerts needed to make faster and smarter decisions
  •  Process has friction due to outdated playbooks and broken scripts that require manual upkeep
  • Resources are limited
  •  due to talent and budget shortage
  • Simplified experience with cross-product integration
  • Unified visibility with cross-product analytics
  • Operational efficiency with response capabilities
  • A separate license–every Cisco Secure customer is entitled to SecureX
  • Special skills–you don’t need to be an automation expert
  • Centralised data storage in a massive data lake
  •   Simplify your existing ecosystem for greater threat efficacy and lower threat dwell times
  • Easily access all of your applications and maintain context through workflows
  • Centrally protect and manage credentials in one secure portal

How To Install?

1: Download the software from the given link.
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3: Copy the crack directory crack file in the installation directory.
4: After that, open the program and click the button to enter the serial Key.
5: After that, open your keygen as administrator and select patch.
6: Then open the program and enter offline mode.
7: It's all done.

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