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Replace Studio Pro Portable

Replace Studio Pro Portable

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With Replace Studio Pro we can Search multiple files and directories for a text or binary phrase and replace it with another. Extensive regular expression (egrep) support extras such as inserting filenames, sequential numbering, DOS environment vars, word wrap, boolean searching, Unicode support, and more. Search results can be directed to a file or viewed in color coded html. Replacements may be viewed in context before they are made. The program has a Favorites function to save commonly uses searches and/or replacements. Size, date, & attribute filters available to fine tune the files to search. Multi-line search or replace is easily done. No limit on the number or size of files. Includes an ‘html mode’ to make character code substitutions for html special characters. File dates can (optionally) be preserved and changed files can be written to another path. Built-in file operations. Undo function. Also perform replaces on contents of the windows clipboard (including reg exp). International versions are available.

The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your files. One of them is Portable Replace Studio Professional.

It’s a neat software solution that allows you to automatically search for specific files on your computer and replace the words you are interested in.

The application doesn’t require installation and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and compact user interface with many nice tools at hand.

Portable Replace Studio Professional is a neat software solution that allows you to automatically search for specific files on your computer and replace the words you are interested in.

The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to type in the phrase that you would like to find in your documents. You can also add the search string at the top or bottom of the file.

You will also need to type in the phrase that you would like to replace the original string. It comes with the option to filter document formats and to pick a file path on your computer. It displays results in a separate section inside the program.

It comes with the option to activate the case sensitive feature, search in subdirectories, find whole words and regular expressions. The program is suitable for searching inside archives and you can use the HTML mode also.

You can pick the action that the program will take when you double click on a line. It allows you to change some colors inside the application and you can filter documents by date and attributes.

All in all, Portable Replace Studio Professional is a neat software solution that allows you to automatically search for specific files on your computer and replace the words you are interested in.

Replace Studio Pro is a lightweight tool specialized in performing search and replace tasks in one or multiple files. You can identify and modify strings in plain text items using regular expressions.

Clean design

The GUI looks intuitive and allows you to set up the search/replace process in several steps and check out the results directly in the main window.

Search/replace options

You can make Replace Studio Pro look for a specific or multiple strings, replace data with user-defined text, apply file masks (e.g. TXT, HLP), as well as specify the location that contains the files you want to process.

What’s more, you are allowed to open files with the associated or default viewer, print the search results, copy data to the clipboard, and export the results to HTML or plain text file format. File management features enable you to copy, move or delete the selected files, and clear the search results with a single click.

Several flags can be applied to your search tasks, namely case sensitive, subdirectories processing, whole word, regular expression, archive searching mode, whitespace ignoring options, or HTML mode. Plus, you can search and replace Windows Clipboard contents and save multiple search-replace strings as favorites for later use.

Replace Studio Pro helps you set up colors for found items, file color and selected hit, scroll results, show the results in a tree, copy search info to the clipboard, sort the results by filename, extension, date/time, size or path, specify the maximum regular expression size, process binary files, display file size and date/time, as well as exclude files using filters (date, size, attributes).

All things considered, Replace Studio Pro provides a fast and efficient way for helping you search through text-based files and perform replacements with another string. A help manual is available in the package in case you need additional information about the tool’s features.


Added option for special handling for UTF-8 files without BOM. See ‘Configuration File’ in F1 Help for more information.
• Replace Studio Pro only – Added one-use choices in Flags menu to ‘Process Clipboard’ or ‘Process Files’. Process Files is default. Process Clipboard is available for use in lieu of the keyboard shortcuts for clipboard processing (Shift+Ctrl+Search icon or Shift+Ctrl+Replaceicon).
• Replace Studio Pro only – Help Menu -> Hold Shift key & click on About opens the configuration file in the file editor associate with .cfg files.

  • Added pdf file search functionality to search pdf files in the search path and launch the default pdf viewer on search hits. This is search-only function. Replacements are not possible.
  • Added a ‘character fill’ function which replaces the search string with a specified number of fixed characters.
  • Search/replace strings consisting solely of blank spaces now handled correctly.
  • Improved handling for UTF-8 files.
  • Improvements to progress meter, including larger size and percentage indication.
  • Added ‘Stop’ icon to cancel search/replace if progress meter is disabled. ESC still works as it always did.
  • Added additional prompt for Context Viewer if changes are made to file.
  • Expand All/Collapse All added to Context Menu in Search Results list
  • Additional Copy choices added to Copy function in Context Menu in Search Results list, including File Name, Path, File Path
  • Complex File Masks (Include/Exclude Files & Subdirectories) can now be applied to folder structures inside of archives when Search Archives’ is enabled.
  • Date/Time and Size Filters now work on files inside of archives when ‘Search Archives’ is enabled.
  • Improvements made to Include/Exclude Files & Directories dialog.
  • Implemented faster logic for exclude masks. When * or *.* or also process subdirectories’ is used a part of an exclude mask the folder(s) is skipped entirely from the initial scan for possible files.
  • When a search hit is in a .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx file the Explore From Here’ now launches Explorer on the path where the file resides.
  • Summary statistics when ‘Display Number of Hits in File’ is enabled was improved.
  • Handling for .xml files improved.
  • Handling for the Esc and Enter keys was improved.
  • F5 key launches ‘Default Viewer’ per Options -> General.
  • Added interface support for Chinese (Simplied PRC).
  • Added configuration file switch to disable grid line display in Search Results List.
  • Improvements made to Prepend/Append functions, including new confirmation prompting.
  • Improvements to Unicode BE regular expression mode handling.
  • Loading a Favorite that does not contain a file mask or path now retains the existing path/mask.
  • Mouse tooltip now displays the Favorite name in any of the primary GUI fields when a Favorite is loaded.
  • Added option for special handling for UTF-8 files without BOM.
  • See ‘Configuration File’ in F1 Help for more information.
  • Added one-use choices in Flags menu to ‘Process Clipboard’
  • or ‘Process Files’. Process Files is default. Process Clipboard is available for use in lieu of the keyboard shortcuts for
  • clipboard processing (Shift+Ctrl+Search icon or Shift+Ctrl+Replace icon).
  • A bookmark is automatically set in the internal Context Viewer based on the highlighted hit when the Context Viewer is opened.
  • Indicators are also shown for other hits in the file.
  • Multiple Lines’ search & replace dialogs now use the same font face and sizxe settings as the internal Context Viewer. To change that setting use ‘Options’ button in the Context Viewer.
  • Switch added to adjust the font face and size for the main window. See F1 help -> Index -> Configuration File for more information.
  • Ctrl+F and F3 now activate a ‘Find’ dialog in the internal context viewer.
  • Selected Hit’ button added to Context Viewer to bring focus back to the hit selected when the context viewer was opened.
  • Filter’ indicator in status bar to show when date/size filters are in use.
  • Ctrl + About menu (under Help Menu) displays the settings file.
  • The program now maintains both file attributes and Vista/Win 7 special security permissions for files.
  • File Operations dialog now shows all files if none selected.
  • xlsx;*.docx;*.pptx added to list of default Archive extensions to make it easier to search/replace newer MS Office files.
  • A “Fix Line Endings” switch was added to the .cfg file which can be used to prevent the program from issuing prompts to modify files when mixed line boundaries are detected in file(s).
  • Find function added in View Context right click menu.
  • Change to ‘Open with Associated Viewer’ function for better operability with file types associated with Visual Studio.
  • Improvements in handling for multiple monitors.
  • Improvements to Ignore Whitepace & HTML Mode.
  • Added Windows Explorer shell extension to all search/replace on one or more files by right clicking on files (or single folder) in Windows Explorer. Select ‘Replace Studio Pro…’ in Explorer right
  • click context menu.
  • Drag n Drop files from Explorer into the program adds that file to File Mask/Path.
  • Search Hits centered in internal context viewer.
  • Support for FSHED – Funduc Software Hex Editor – as context viewer for hits in ‘binary’ files.
  • Improvements in handling for hit in ‘binary’ files.
  • Added ‘Zip Mask’ switch for further control of files treated as archives’. See F1 Documentation – Configuration File.
  • View Context hit bookmark.
  • Added line numbers to internal Context Viewer.
  • Options dialog added to Context Viewer to set the font face & size and tab-to-space expansion setting.
  • No ESC’ switch added to the configuration file setting to disable the default behavior of ESC causing a program close. This must be set by hand. See F1 help.
  • ESC key closes the application.
  • Added context viewer prompt to (optionally) repair files with mixed line boundaries upon opening with context viewer.
  • User configurable font face & size settings added.
  • Faster processing of internal context viewer for files over 8 MB.
  • Added user-configurable settings for the display in main window fields when a Favorite is being used.
  • Various accelerator key functions added.
  • Unicode BigEndian support added.
  • xml script file format added.
  • Support for search/replace in archives added.

How To Install?

1: Download the software from the given link.
2: Unpack and install the software.
3: Copy the crack directory crack file in the installation directory.
4: After that, open the program and click the button to enter the serial Key.
5: After that, open your keygen as administrator and select patch.
6: Then open the program and enter offline mode.
7: It's all done.

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