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Print Censor Professional

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Print Censor Professional is an easy-to-use printer usage monitoring tool designed to record a printer’s usage data and to simplify the management of network printers. Print Censor Professional saves for you all useful printing information including user and computer names, document title and size, time & date of printing, number of pages and copies, priority, paper size, color of printing (colored or black and white), whether it was a duplex printing or not and print job cost. Nothing is left out and, any time you need it, all this useful information is at hand.

Control your printer use and prevent excessive printer usage. Print Censor Professional allows easily viewing, controlling and restricting printer usage on the LAN, helping you save hundreds of dollars in toners by getting rid of duplicate, restricted and unauthorized print jobs. The printer usage monitor can be controlled easily from any PC on the LAN. Set group and user restrictions on printer usage, assign and modify printing quotas, pause or stop new print jobs, etc. Get control of your printing costs! Print Censor Professional offers highly adjustable printing cost adjustments based on media type and size, type and name of each printer on your LAN. You can put on hold or moderate new print jobs before they go through, which leads to considerable savings in case of large printing jobs and expensive cartridges and paper. Savings are easy when you control printer usage with Print Censor Professional. Control how many jobs or sheets each user or group of users on your LAN can print. Quotas and restrictions are easy to set and to lift without leaving a chair: Print Censor Professional allows controlling printer usage from any network PC on your LAN. View who printed what, when, and on which printer with Print Censor Professional advanced printer usage monitor combined with a comprehensive log analyzer. Controlling multiple printers is just as easy as managing a single one. The advanced print queue manager controls all connected PCs, and allows copying and transferring of printing jobs between the printers. Print Censor Professional is not just a monitor controlling your printer usage. It can communicate to the users by informing them if their printing job is under review, has been allowed, rejected or finished.

Printing… Tons of paper, cartridges that cost a fortune and never last, expensive man-hours spend to watch those printers work, servicing spendings and so on. Hard as it is, you can still agree to all that if it is to your company’s general benefit. But what if instead of important documents your employee decides to print out a horoscope, or a recipe of some dish, or some personal letter. One can tolerate it to a certain extent, but what if that becomes a habit? Then it should be stopped and fast.


Print Censor will help you to do that. Print Censor is an easy-to-use printer usage monitoring tool designed to record a printer’s usage data and to simplify the management of network printers. Print Censor saves for you all useful printing information including user and computer names, document title and size, time & date of printing, number of pages and copies, priority, paper size, color of printing (colored or black and white), whether it was a duplex printing or not and print job cost. Nothing is left out and, any time you need it, all this useful information is at hand.


Main Features

  • Saving detailed printer usage statistic.
  • Saving content of documents for viewing.
  • Restrictions for printing per printer, user or group.
  • Quotas for printing per user or/and group.
  • Print jobs authentication.
  • Support of remote installation.
  • Protecting the program settings with per user access control.
  • Flexible configuration options.
  • Multilingual interface.

Printer usage analysis

Print Censor doesn’t stop at mere analysis of printing data, it allows you to set printing quotas for groups and individual users and this makes Print Censor a really state-of-the-art program and a natural choice for any system administrator. The second anyone in your company exceeds their printing limit they are notified of it by Print Censor and all their printing activity is blocked. Print Censor saves you a lot of money by eliminating non-work usage of your company’s printers.

Print jobs viewing and quotas

Print Censor helpfully allows you to view the printed jobs content. This, plus excessive printing data gathered for you by Print Censor, allows you to use it to fairly set individual quotas for every printer. A great advantage of Print Censor is its flexibility which let you increase quotas for particular users, for example, a secretary or an accountant, or change them according to workload changes. You can also view the print jobs set in the queue for printing and, in case of a printer break down, lack of paper or ink, etc., move all its jobs to another printer.

Queue manager

Print jobs manager provided by Print Censor Pro allows you to execute all basic operations and print jobs directly from Print Censor Pro. You have it all in one window right in front of you on your computer’s screen. Remote management of printers installed on other computers is also on the list of Print Censor Pro useful features. Print Censor Pro works as a service, which means it automatically starts when the computer boots up and all print jobs will be recorded, even if a user does not log in to the system. Print Censor Professional can and will make your routine print job management easy, cut down your printing expenses and let you better predict the need for printing materials and servicing for the whole network.

Simple installation and usage

Print Censor (also known as Printer Usage Censor) is really simple and even a beginner will have no trouble dealing with it. The program uses a step-by-step setup, which means that any user with administrator rights can easily install and run the program.

The program adopts a multi-tabbed layout for helping you quickly access its essential features, namely printers, queue, resources, users, groups, and reports. In addition, you can easily connect to the desired computer in the network.

Manage printers and queue list

Print Censor Professional is able to display information about each printer, such as name, cost, pause jobs, restrictions, and authentication.

Several settings can be applied to the printers. You may automatically resume print jobs after a custom number of minutes or at a specified hour and automatically delete print tasks after a given number of minutes.

Plus, you can choose the printer type, namely standard used for tracking cost per page number or plotter that can monitor cost per job length. You may deny printing based on a series of filters, such as number of pages, size, priority, cost, and color or duplex mode, and make use of authentication parameters (password, username and password, or PIN) in order to manage the print options.

The tool lets you preview the print job content in the queue list and save the history and content of the printed documents to plain text, CSV, HTML, XML, RTF, BMP, PDF, ODT or other file format.

The queue list contains comprehensive information about each task, such as user, computer, document, status, number of pages and copies, size, paper size, quality, color, port name, and cost.

Reports and other smart management features

Print Censor Professional empowers you to generate detailed reports by printers, users, groups, computers, papers, dates, ports, or colors, and is able to build detailed lists, charts or statistics.

You can keep track of users and groups, copy or move print data between network and local printers, send notifications by email, set printing quotas and restrictions for local printers, send warnings to users upon exceeding the quotas and limits of printing via email or messenger, as well as pause or lock all new print documents.

Print server configuration settings

A series of advanced parameters can be configured in order to set up the printer server. You are given the freedom to define a new form by editing the name and adjusting the measurement options (unit, paper size and printer area margins).

You may create a list with ports on the server, check out a list with installed printer drivers and add or remove them, and beep on errors of remote documents.

Security features help you set up permissions for groups or usernames, more specifically for allowing or denying printing, managing printers and documents, and viewing or managing the server.

An overall efficient printer usage monitoring app

All in all, Print Censor Professional mixes up a user-friendly working environment with several smart features for helping you manage the statistics of print jobs.

If you are looking for more advanced parameters, such as setting common printing quotas and restrictions for all printers in your network (for users and groups), auditing the cost of printing for all PCs on the network at once, viewing the print history of tasks for all computers in the network simultaneously, installing the utility remotely, as well as auditing and monitoring usage of all printers in the network, you can check out Print Censor Enterprise.


1. Added report by Color of documents. 2. Added icons for print history on the printers page. 3. Improved page counting for several printer manufacturers. 4. Fixed the document pausing. 5. Fixed auto resume and auto delete print jobs.

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