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Despite its plain looks, FastPaste boasts a vibrant complement of easy-to-use clip-management tools. The utilitarian interface displays 30 numbered slots for storing text and images. Each slot has a set of buttons for copying, adding, or editing a clip and viewing or modifying default shortcuts.

The clip editor offers Plain Text, RTF, and Image modes, and the image editor includes 10 options including those for softening, sharpening, and grayscale converting. By contrast, the text editor has only a few options for selecting a font and changing its size and color. Definable hot keys let you instantly copy and paste clips and display the application window.

FastPaste also offers clipboard tools for instantly changing a clip before pasting it–for instance, by altering the text case, removing pronunciation symbols (such as the accent mark), and reversing the text of the last copied item. With its solid features and freeware price, FastPaste makes a great complement to the Windows Clipboard.

FastPaste is a shareware advanced paste copier software download filed under clipboard managers and made available by Dextronet for Windows.

The review for FastPaste has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC.

Save your time – paste frequently used text, formatted text and images with ease

FastPaste can be used for pasting commonly used text phrases, formatted text and even images into the applications. There are 30 clips in every project. You can set hotkeys to clips or just click the icon every time. Data will be copied to the clipboard and automatically pasted (you may turn off auto paste). FastPaste have rich configuration and nice and clean user interface.

FastPaste 3.131 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as shareware for the Windows operating system from clipboard managers and can be used as a free trial until the trial period ends (after 30 days). The FastPaste 3.131 demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential restrictions and is not necessarily the full version of this software.

Working in an office environment might sooner or later require you to make use of specific text forms. It can be a pain having to manually write it down each time. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications like FastPaste you can insert entire paragraphs just by pressing a custom combination of keys.

Quickly insert text or images

The application comes equipped with several features that make it suitable for a large variety of activity domains. Text you need to insert into a document can be formatted to appear with a font, color, style and size of your choice.

Additionally, you are given the possibility to have images pasted, as long as it is supported by the destination application. This is done, as well as for the text option, with the help of hotkeys. The only restriction when configuring your custom combination of keys is if the chosen configuration is already in use, but you are warned if this occurs.

Create multiple paste profiles

Depending on your needs, the application lets you save hotkey and paste configurations into profiles. Moreover, these can be activated without having to bring up the main window and only pressing a preset key combination.

The application spends most of its time hidden in the system tray. There are even a few display options in case you decide to keep it on your desktop, as it can be docked to a specific side of your screen, as well as kept on top of other applications.

You can also make use of an integrated script support, which lets you write down specific scenarios that are triggered when a hotkey is pressed.

In conclusion

All in all, FastPaste is a trustworthy partner to keep around, because you never know when you need to periodically write down formal paragraphs or insert an image. The interface is easy enough to use and lets you quickly accommodate. Your are only limited by the number of buttons on your keyboard and possible combinations.

Summary: You could run FastPaste on WinUX, Winamp, Windows 2021, Win, Win Solitaire, Windows Other, Vista, Seven, Opera, Pocket PC, Maemo and so on operating systems. FastPaste is a freeware product released by Dextronet which is suitable for Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. FastPaste is free of charge to use for non-commercial purposes.One can download fastpaste app from the internet for free. After you download fastpaste app from the internet, you are required to install it to your computer. Fastpaste app does not require installation and run directly in the Windows environment.

You have the option of adding or removing files from the text box by dragging and dropping files. Windows store app allows you to add files as many times as you want. You can also remove the files by dragging them out of the text box. Windows store app offers two types of fastpaste options one is for regular text and the second one is for image files. The advanced option allows you to search a word or document by dragging it to the specified location. You could change the word color, highlight or even enter special characters like %, %b and %f in order to align selected text.

Save time with FastPaste. No more stupid typing.

You can use FastPaste to insert frequently used text, rich text and images into any application. Either with global hotkeys, or global paste menu, or simply using the “Copy” buttons in the main FastPaste window.

FastPaste can be deployed to USB thumb-drive and run in portable mode. And it can even be installed without administrator privileges. No need for permissions!

Create keyboard scripts to fill login forms. The scripts can emulate typing, and thus send any key sequences or key combinations (including shortcuts). This allows you to create scripts to completely fill various forms – with just 1 click or hotkey press.

You can access up to 300 clips entirely using keyboard.

FastPaste also offers various clipboard formatting functions. You may convert text in clipboard to the lower, upper, proper, sentence case or even reverse case. You can also use fun ZiG zAg case, reverse it and remove diacritics. Another function is total clean-up of clipboard. You also can copy current time or date quickly from system tray.

What’s New in Version 3.06 of FastPaste

New keyboard scripts to fill forms and send key sequences and combinations, projects encryption for secure password pasting.

How To Install?

1: Download the software from the given link.
2: Unpack and install the software.
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4: After that, open the program and click the button to enter the serial Key.
5: After that, open your keygen as administrator and select patch.
6: Then open the program and enter offline mode.
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