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If complete security isn’t a concern, this flexible kiosk browser is easy to configure and operate. Arlington Kiosk Browser is a snap to install, and users with very little experience should find it easy to configure. Unfortunately, experienced users can bypass program gates to get to the operating system.

Arlington Kiosk Browser simplifies the typical Internet Explorer browser. Its default setup should work for most users. Required functions such as Address, Back, Forward, and Print are easily accessed from a button menu. An additional button menu of links to helpful sites can be personalized. The program’s multitabbed options menu presents an array of items to easily set the browser to user specifications. Setting browser appearance is a mere matter of clicking a few check boxes. Those familiar with HTML can precisely set the look and operation of the toolbar. Security is set with check box options in the customize menu. You can easily restrict select Windows shortcuts, block certain programs from loading, or prevent access to the hard drive or USB drives. Lab managers will appreciate the session function to log off users after a preset amount of time.

There are many programs in the kiosk genre, and this is one of the easiest to configure, but there is a trade-off. Arlington Kiosk Browser makes setup easy, but its efforts can be bypassed by an experienced user.

Fully Kiosk Browser is a secure and flexible Android Kiosk Browser and App Launcher. Restrict and adjust the functionality of your websites and lockdown other apps in Kiosk Mode. Fully Kiosk provides fullscreen mode, motion detection, remote admin and a lot of other features for your digital signages, interactive kiosk systems, information panels and all kinds of unattended AndroidTM devices. From just a fullscreen browser to full mobile device management (MDM) solution,  you decide what you get. Device rooting is not required.

Fully Single App Kiosk is our app for the fast lockdown of the device to one selected app. Please get this kiosk app from Google Play or get an APK file from the download box.

Fully Video Kiosk is our app for playing video, image and websites shows on Android devices with full kiosk protection. Also available on Google Play and as APK file.

Fully Exam Kiosk is our app for device lockdown to the exam website during the online examination. Fully Exam Kiosk browser supports all learning management systems (LMS) that support Safe Exam Browser (SEB) including Moodle.

With Fully Cloud you can organize, monitor and remote configure your Fully Kiosk devices from everywhere. You can also make fast Device Provisioning and manage apps with Enterprises.


The most features of Fully Kiosk Browser are configurable according to your needs.

  • Show websites
    • Full HTML, CSS and JavaScript support as provided by the available Android Webview
    • Load URLs on multiple tabs
    • Load websites from HTTP, HTTPS or FILE protocols
    • Fullscreen and autoplay for HTML5 videos
    • Basic HTTP authentication (username+password)
    • Client certificate authentication (ver. 1.32+)
    • WebRTC support (Android 5+)
    • Integrated barcode scanner (ver. 1.30+)
    • Support barcode scanner integration (ver. 1.40+ – check FAQ)
    • Web Automation (PLUS, ver. 1.41+)
  • Lockdown or configure numerous web content features
    • Allow Third Party Cookies
    • Form Autocomplete (not in Android 8+)
    • Disable all JavaScript alert, prompt and confirm boxes
    • Scale page view or scale font size
    • Autoplay HTML5 video/audio
    • Clear Cache after each page loaded
    • URL Whitelist and URL Blacklist
    • Web filter based on host list (ver. 1.33+)
    • Load local files using http/https URL (ver. 1.33+)
    • Custom error URL (PLUS)
    • Upload files (PLUS, Android 5+)
    • Upload camera/video/audio capture (PLUS, Android 5+)
    • Access webcam by HTML5 (PLUS, Android 5+)
    • Access microphone by HTML5 (PLUS, Android 5+)
    • Access geolocation by HTML5 (PLUS)
    • Support popups and open links in new frame (PLUS)
    • Disable keyboard or text selection/pasting
    • Disable website scrolling or dragging
    • Disable hardware acceleration (experimental)
    • Ignore SSL errors (optional, of cause)
    • Fake browser User Agent String
  • Handle PDF, Videos and other contents
    • Show PDF files in Fully (PLUS)
    • Play videos supported by Android incl. many RTSP streams (depends on Android version, RTSP format/codec) fullscreen in the built-in viewer (PLUS)
    • Open links by other apps for other contents
    • Handle URL scheme intent:
    • Load and sync contents from ZIP file URL to local storage (ver. 1.33+)
  • Universal Launcher
    • Seamlessly mix apps, web bookmarks and file shortcuts on Fully’s universal launcher
    • Customize the launcher as simple and flexible as a web page
    • Launch other apps with full kiosk protection
    • Auto-start an app (single app kiosk mode)
    • read more
  • Customizable Toolbars and Appearance
    • Show/hide status, navigation, action, progress and address bar
    • Show/hide browser tabs
    • Real fullscreen mode (immersive sticky with Android 4.4+)
    • Custom colors for all bars and tabs
    • Customize the button set on the action bar with home, back, forward, refresh, print, share, QR scan and custom action buttons
    • Custom Action Bar Icon and Background Image
  • Configurable browsing controls
    • Back button makes history back
    • Pull to refresh the current page
    • Play tap/click sound
    • Add website links to the home screen
    • Support zoom in the web pages
    • Wait for Network connection (instead of loading error pages)
    • Navigate back/forward by swiping over the screen (PLUS)
    • Animated page transitions make a real app-feeling for your web-app (PLUS)
    • Change tabs by swiping (PLUS)
    • Tap home button for Start URL (PLUS, requires Kiosk Mode)
    • Use Fully as standard web browser in Android
    • Open URLs from NFC tags (PLUS)
  • Auto reload website on different events
    • Auto reload on idle, on page load errors (with optional delay)
    • Auto reload when screen goes on, screensaver starts, network reconnects
    • Auto reload when Internet becomes available
    • Remove cookies, history, cache or webstorage on reload
  • Configure your device for the best user experience
    • Remove system bars and use full screen (read FAQ)
    • Keep screen on, set screen brightness and orientation
    • Force Wifi/Bluetooth enable/disable (ver. 1.33+)
    • Autostart on boot
    • Bypass the lockscreen
    • Sleep on power disconnect
    • Set wakelocks
    • Show battery warning on low battery (PLUS)
    • Schedule times to hibernate and wakeup the device on day of week base (PLUS)
    • Switch screen off on idle (PLUS)
    • Video Screensaver Support (PLUS)
    • Dim screen or use Android daydream for Screensaver (PLUS)
    • Pre-configure Wifi Access by SSID and Keyphrase (PLUS)
  • Screensaver (PLUS)
    • Configure Screensaver  Playlist containing URLs, media files or whole folders and play it when device is idle
    • Set custom Screensaver wallpaper and screen brightness
    • Use Android Daydream/Screensaver instead Fully’s Screensaver
    • Start Fully’s Screensaver as Android Daydream
  • Kiosk Mode (PLUS)
    • Lockdown device with selected exit gesture and defined PIN
    • Disable access to other apps and Android settings for unattended tablets with Android Kiosk Mode
    • Define a separate PIN only for Wifi or other settings access
    • Lock Android system bars in Kiosk mode
    • Block home button, power button, volume buttons
    • Block notifications, incoming/outgoing calls
    • Disable camera
    • Lock safe mode
    • App whitelist and blacklist
    • Lockdown device to a single app (single app mode)
    • read more
  • Motion Detection using front cam or microphone (PLUS)
    • Get more attention by switching screen on or stopping screensaver on motion
    • Adjustable motion detection sensitivity and sample rate
    • Recognize darkness
    • Acoustic motion detection works even in the dark
    • read more
  • Device Movement Detection (PLUS)
    • Detect device movement by accelerometer, compass sensors or iBeacons
    • Detect movement when unplugged (ver. 1.33+)
    • Switch screen on or stop screensaver on movement
    • Play anti-theft alarm sound
  • Website Integration via JavaScript (PLUS)
    • Get device information and control device
    • Manage Fully functionality and settings
    • React on different events like Screen On/Off
    • Detect iBeacons
    • Scan QR code (integrated/external barcode scanner – FAQ)
    • Communicate to Bluetooth devices (printers etc.)
    • Get cam shot (requires Motion Detection)
    • Get screenshot
    • Play videos and show PDF
    • Show notifications (ver. 1.33+)
    • Start other Apps
    • Bring Fully in Foreground
    • Print website
    • Text to speech
    • Exit or Restart App
    • read more
  • Remote Admin the Fully app (PLUS)
    • Access by any web browser in the local network or worldwide via VPN
    • Remote Admin from everywhere using Fully Cloud
    • View device and Fully Android Kiosk App info
    • Manage files for local content
    • View and manage Fully Kiosk settings
    • Show HTML source, screenshot and camshot
    • Easy REST interface for automation
    • read more
  • Daily Usage Statistics (PLUS)
    • Count pageview, touches, reloads, screenons, motion detections, device movements etc.
    • View stats and download CSV in Remote Admin Interface
  • Recover the app
    • Auto restart Fully after crash (PLUS)
    • Auto restart Fully after app or Android Webview update (PLUS)
  • Easy installation, licensing, volume licensing and deployment
    • Install from Google Play or from APK file
    • Export/import settings
    • Different device provisioning methods, read more
    • Easy deployment by settings auto-import, read more
    • Supports deployment by Knox Configure
    • MQTT integration (ver. 1.34+)
    • All PLUS features are unlimited FREE to try
    • Purchase an instant license for the PLUS features (even without Google account), read more
    • Easy volume licensing with one key for 10+ devices
    • Offline licensing if your device may not connect to Internet
    • Customized and white label solutions available, read more
    • Lightweight app (less than 5 MB), no ads, no tracking
    • Move Fully to SD card (if supported by your Android system)
    • Supports Android 5 to 12 (see known issues)

Arlington Kiosk Browser – Turn any PC into a secure public kiosk in minutes.

Arlington Kiosk Browser (AKB) is a simple-to-use, “no-programming-required” PC lockdown software program for public-access PCs or kiosks.

AKB offers you the fastest, easiest, safest and most economical wayto transform your Web site and PC for locked down Internet, intranet or PC kiosk use.

You can quickly create a limited or restricted Internet usage environment for users in places such as retail kiosks, libraries, self-serve banks, hospitals, homes for the elderly, churches, museums, galleries, restaurants and clinics, as well as in universities and schools. Your project can be ready to go in minutes, with absolutely no programming required.

The out-of-the-box functionality of AKB delivers everything you need to make your PC lockdown or kiosk project an instant success.

Here are some key features of “Arlington Kiosk Browser”:

■ Optionally restrict web site access ■ Optionally lockdown PC (Start button, Taskbar, Ctrl-Alt-Del etc) ■ Optionally block access to adult sites ■ Logging of web sites visited ■ Customisable toolbar ■ Customisable address bar ■ Customisable favourites bar ■ User defined favourites ■ Centralised administration ■ Prevent launching of other programs ■ Inactivity timeout to home page ■ Prevent file downloads ■ Prevent popup windows ■ Password protected ■ Branding


Version X2 adds support for Windows 8 and 64-bit systems.

How To Install?

1: Download the software from the given link.
2: Unpack and install the software.
3: Copy the crack directory crack file in the installation directory.
4: After that, open the program and click the button to enter the serial Key.
5: After that, open your keygen as administrator and select patch.
6: Then open the program and enter offline mode.
7: It's all done.

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