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60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet

60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet

60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet

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Learn the Thai Symbols, Thai numbers and Thai Alphabet with the leading Thai alphabet learning system. Simply download the demo, and unzip it. Then just double-click to start reading.

The book was designed to enable you to almost instantly learn the Thai symbols. After only an hour of reading, the Thai alphabet and font will begin to make sense – you’ll be able to identify the shape, sounds and class of the entire Thai alphabet. The memory system relies on simple images, that enable you to instantly visualize and remember the Thai symbols. Even the youngest of readers will be able to use the system, and have a good grasp of the alphabet in as little as 1 hour.

The 60-Minute Thai Alphabet is based on a scientifically proven memorization technique that enables you to find connections between new information and things you already know.

Using this recall technique, you can learn the Thai alphabet today in record time!

The book uses creative illustrations to assist you in recalling the shape and sound of the Thai letters. When you see the Thai letter, you simply recall the illustration and apply the associated sound. Simple!

The 60-Minute Thai Alphabet book helps you overcome the difficulty of learning an alphabet that is entirely alien to your brain. This technique has worked for over 25,000 people, and is something every single person has the capability to do.

About the Thai Alphabet

There are 44 consonants  and 32 vowels in the Thai Alphabet. Many of the vowels are long and short versions of each other, so it is actually only necessary to learn 20 different vowel forms.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “44 consonants and 32 vowels! I’m only used to 26 letters!” But don’t worry, you’re about to learn a technique that will help you effortlessly master the Thai alphabet.

The Thai Tones

Thai words are broken up into syllables formed by the consonants, with each syllable given a distinct tone. There are five tones you need to learn:

1. Low – spoken in the lower part of your voice register.
2. Middle – spoken in the middle part of your voice register.
3. High – said in the higher register, as if you are calling someone at a distance.
4. Falling – for example, like the word ‘no’ when saying “oh no” if you’re disappointed.
5. Rising – for example, like the word ‘coming’ when asking someone, “are you coming along?”.

Thai consonants are broken down into three groups, known as classes: low, middle and high. These groups don’t mean that the consonant will be low, middle or high in tone, it’s just an easy way of separating the consonants into groups.

The reason you need to know the class of a consonant is because the class affects how a syllable is pronounced. So you basically have to recall the sound and the class in order to learn the alphabet.

The rules for determining the tone of a syllable are given in the ‘Tones Section’ at the end of the book, but here’s a quick example to give you an idea of why you must learn the classes:

Example 1:
When a High Class consonant with the sound ‘S’ is followed by a dead-sound (i.e. a sound that ends quickly like at or an), the tone of the syllable is Low.

Example 2:
When a High Class consonant with the sound ‘S’ is followed by a longer, open sound (like an ‘m’ sound) the tone of the syllable is a Rising.

It might seem somewhat complicated, but once you master the Thai letters and classes with the special technique we’ll discuss below, it’ll be easy-peasy!

Mastering The Thai Consonants

Some Thai letters have different sounds, depending on whether the letter appears at the start or the end of the syllable. By using the memory technique, you’ll quickly master three things:

1. A consonant’s sound when it’s at the start of a syllable
2. A consonant’s sound when it’s at the end of a syllable
3. A consonant’s class.

Using The Amazing Memory Recall Technique!

The key to remembering something is to create a leverage point. Think about it like this; have you ever seen something that has reminded you of a precious memory? Perhaps a particular food has reminded you of an ex-partner, or a particular saying of a relative.

As humans with advanced brains, we are constantly making associations with people, events and places that merge into the sub-conscious, only to reemerge when we encounter them again.

You’ve never encountered the Thai alphabet before; it wasn’t drilled into your brain as a child. But the western alphabet was, and so were millions of other images and words, things that that can help you recreate leverage points and subsequent connections with the Thai alphabet.

And that’s what The 60-Minute Thai alphabet book does for you.  You’ll have an automatic connection for every letter, shaving months off the learning process.Learn Thai Alphabet App is intended to help you learn the Thai Alphabet also known as the Thai Script including all 44 consonants, 28 vowels and all Nov 2014 … Seriously, can you learn how to read the Thai alphabet in ten days? Two weeks? Sixty minutes? Sure. Well, all except for the 60 Feb 2009 … Learn the Thai Symbols, Thai numbers and Thai Alphabet with the leading Thai alphabet learning Mar 2009 … 60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet is a Home & Education software developed by 1stEasyThaiAlphabe. After our trial and test, the the 60-Minute Thai Alphabet book and join thousands of others who have used this revolutionary system to read & write Thai today!.
60 Minutes To Learn The Thai Alphabet by EpXtl559. (0 ratings). 88 views. Embed. Download. Add to library. Read on Scribd mobile: iPhone, Feb 2013 … /download Learn the Thai Alphabet Travel web. Thailand is not easy to say if you Jan 2013 … Whether you are looking at learning the Thai alphabet or looking to learn Jan 2016 … The Thai alphabet has a combination of 24+ vowels, 44 consonants, tone … Thai Alphabet – 60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet the Thai Alphabet in minutes, using advanced memory techniques. Essential for travellers and business people in Thailand. Learn Thai Tones, Thai.

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